FTP Client component for C# and Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET)

Download this free .NET component DLL, that will enable you to use FTP in your .NET projects.
  • Upload & Download
  • Read remote file & folder listings over FTP
  • Delete remote files and folders over FTP
  • Rename remote files over FTP
  • Create folders on a remote FTP server

Download DLL & sample project (288K)

Note: This installation requires the .NET Runtime
you will also need access to an FTP server,
although you can use a free access FTP server such as; ftp.us.nero.com (username: anonymous)

Object reference

  • void OnFTPMessageEvent(string message)
    This event is called every time a command is sent to the FTP server, or returned from the FTP server
  • string connect(string host, string username, string password)
    This method is called before any other call can be made. It initiates a connection with the FTP server
  • void disconnect()
    This method disconnects the client from the FTP server
  • ArrayList getRemoteFolder(string path)
    This method returns a list of files and folders held within the specified remote path. The objects returned are detailled below
  • void upload(string localFile,string remotePath)
    This method uploads a file from the local machine to a specified folder on the remote machine
  • void download(string remoteFile,string localPath)
    This method downloads a file from the local machine to a specified folder on the remote machine
  • void rename(string remoteFile,string newName)
    This method renames a file on the remote machine to a new specified name
  • void delete(string remoteFile)
    This method deletes a file or folder from the remote machine.
  • void createFolder(string parentFolder,string folderName)
    This method creates a folder on the remote machine
  • void register(string registrationKey)

    Please click here for a tutorial

The objects returned from getRemoteFolder take the following form:
	public enum FileOrFolder

	public class RemoteFileOrFolder
		public string name;
		public FileOrFolder type;
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